Printable FishBowl Words

Love playing The Fishbowl Game but struggling to think of fun words? Are your cards too easy, too hard, or full of repeats?
Let our Fishbowl app make all of your cards so you can get straight to the fun! Our online word generator goes through fun topics and pulls out the best ideas. All of your words get arranged into a printable Template. Try it out!

Why auto generate cards?

When my friends get together, our go-to party game is Fishbowl. We always have a fun time playing, and it's a cheap way to spend time together.

The worst part about Fishbowl is making the cards. Organizing everyone is a hassle, thinking of good ideas is tougher than it sounds, and there are never enough pens.

On one especially uninspired day, it took forever to make cards. None of my friends could think of funny words. We started the first round, and soon realized that we had five versions of the same card: 'Coke Zero'.

Why on earth would five people write down the same thing? There was a can of the carbonated drink on the table. We were so uncreative that we just wrote down whatever was around us. Wow.

Everyone still had fun, but a better selection of cards would have made for a better game. When the same clue can win five cards in a round, play gets a little stale.

Never Again

Looking to avoid boring cards and repeats in the future, two of us decided to work on a solution: a Fishbowl App. We found some great Word Generators for Charades but none that would make a whole template. With a little debugging and a lot of playtesting, we built a tool that generates printable cards. The result is the website you're viewing right now.

We hope you use our Card Creator to kick off some hilarious games of Fishbowl. Go play and have fun!

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